Contractors & equipment

We offer the best possible insurance policies to everyone who works in the contracting industry. We can offer you two types of insurance which will help you  run your business without thinking about possible risks.


Business liability


This policy protects you from liability while running your business. It will cover the damages that may occur during construction work.

In addition, we can add a complement to the policy which will secure every tool that belongs to the employer from theft.


Workers compensation


This policy covers the cost of treatment of workers resulting from an accident that took place during work. The employer will receive protection in case the injured employee sues the employer for not providing basic safety conditions during work.


Inland marine


Inland marine coverage was originally created to provide protection for the transportation of goods across water. Since its creation, though, the range of coverage provided has broadened significantly. It now covers much more than just ocean transport.


This coverage can include many aspects of transportation and the business surrounding it such as:

Construction projects

Computer equipment

Transported property

Precious artifacts

Online and offline data


The policy can cover products in transit, products remaining on premises, buildings under construction, contractors equipment, computer data and equipment, and more. If you need additional clarification or information about this policy, we urge you to call and speak with one of our agents.


Our contact number is: 773-777-1040